Tax season is a troublesome time for accountants. In fact, the tax season is full of activity and the busiest time of the year for accounting firms in the USA. Activities like tax filing should be completed so that tax returns can be submitted on time. During the tax season, CPAs need to collect tax information and organize it. They also need to accumulate documents from clients. Undeniably, the tax season is a difficult time for accountants.

The tax season is full of frenzy and things can go wrong quickly if proper planning is not done. Accounting errors do happen. However, mistakes can be costly, and they can be evaded with proper preparation and organization. Rectifying a mistake can be time-consuming. Therefore, it is better to be vigilant during the tax season so that common mistakes can be avoided. The following are some common mistakes that accounting companies and CPAs should avoid during the tax season:

  1. Not Communicating with Clients

Many CPA firms make the mistake of not communicating with their clients regarding any changes that need to be taken care of before the tax season starts. Communication is extremely vital. CPA firms need to be in touch with clients to understand if there have been any changes in their business that need to be taken into consideration during the tax filing season. If this is not done, then a client may contact you during the tax season and inform you about the changes.

This will only create stress for you since you will have to take the changes into consideration during the busy tax season. Hence, it is better to be in touch with your clients well in advance before the tax season commences to learn about new developments or changes in their business.

  1. Kicking Off Late

One common mistake that should be prevented is beginning the filing process late. By starting the tax filing process late, you will rush through the process, causing inevitable errors. There will be mental stress over receipts and numbers, which can get on your nerves. By beginning the tax filing procedure a bit early, you will have the required time to gather the documents to calculate deductions. By having orderly paperwork and comprehensive documents, accountants will be able to enjoy an easy schedule and can work on the papers without any hassles.

Tax filing process will be trouble-free if bookkeeping tasks and tax jobs are correctly and systematically handled.

  1. Not Being Aware of New Tax Rules

It becomes difficult for CPA firms to prepare for the tax season if they do not keep themselves updated with the tax reforms and new tax rules. Prior to the tax season, CPAs need to be aware of the tax reforms. There are various resources available where CPAs can refer. Resources about new tax rules, the latest IRS guidelines are available.

The resources help CPA firms to make them ready for the following tax season tasks. Therefore, CPA firms should be mindful and keep themselves updated about tax reforms so that they can brace themselves for the tax season.

  1. Not Investing in Technology

Many CPAs and accounting firms have to strive to overcome challenges related to technology – for example, unanticipated upgrades in software and systems.

We cannot undermine the role technology has to play in providing accounting services. Hence, CPA firms must make themselves acquainted with the latest accounting software. They need to use the best software available for accounting so that the tax season can be easy and free of any difficulties. The stepping-stone to a fruitful tax filing planning starts with an immaculate and efficient accounting system. Several accounting options are available. You can choose the one that suits you and can modify it as per your business requirements.

The main point is to make use of technology to maximize productivity. Whatever bookkeeping or accounting program you choose, one thing that should be considered is that the output in terms of information depends on the input. If the input is effective, the output will also be effective. Therefore, CPAs should not be ignorant about technology, and, they should invest in the best accounting system.

  1. Apprehensive of Outsourcing

Many CPA firms are hesitant to outsource their tax preparation jobs even though it makes their task more manageable. They are worried about the costs, losing control of finances, and have many other concerns related to outsourcing. Quite the reverse, outsourcing tax-preparation will enable CPAs to enhance efficiency and productivity. By choosing to outsource tax preparation tasks, they will be able to pay their attention on strategic areas of their business, like customer satisfaction.

Tax preparation outsourcing provides qualified, professional, and specialist taxation experts without having to hire permanent employees and increase operating costs. Outsourcing helps firms to overcome the dearth of workforce during the busy tax season.

Several firms are not able to provide services to new clients when the tax season is around the corner and have to lose new business prospects. By outsourcing, they can have the capacity to assist new clients and, eventually, improve profitability during peak tax season. CPA firms will be able to give time to new clients and interact with them while the outsourcing provider will handle tasks like accumulating data, structuring information, and completing calculations.


The tax season is always a busy and engaging time for CPA firms and accounting specialists. However, the tax season should not be overpowering. With proper planning and preparation, the tax season can be easy going. It is essential to file taxes on time, or else there can be penalties. By investing in the best technology, preparing in advance, communicating with clients, and, if required, outsourcing tax return jobs to an outsourcing provider, the tax season can be free of troubles. Whether you choose tax returns services or handle it from your end, it is best to avoid these common mistakes so that the tax season can be stress-free.

5 Common Mistakes You Dont Want To Make This Tax Season
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5 Common Mistakes You Dont Want To Make This Tax Season
Making mistakes on your tax return can cost you money. Get familiar with the 5 biggest mistakes tax filers make and you could save yourself thousands over the years, starting this tax season.
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