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outsourced accounting Top Benefits tapped by Outsourcing Accounting Services to India

The transformation caused by Globalization paved the path for new methods of doing business. One of the most prominent abilities derived from Globalization, coupled with the IT boom, is Business Outsourcing. Budding entities worldwide are harnessing the power of outsourcing for their myriad core as well as non-core business tasks. The South Asian nations, mainly

tax What does the Revived Form 1099-NEC entail for Taxpayers in 2020?

The Internal Revenue Services officially released the Form 1099-NEC in December 2019. After a hiatus of about 38 years, this Form has been reinstated from the tax year 2020. The revamped Form substitutes the Box 7 of Form 1099-MISC. It is to be used for declaring Non-Employee Compensation, as the acronym NEC denotes. Form 1099-NEC

covid19 cares act Paycheck Protection Program Loan Forgiveness

So finally, your clients were lucky enough to lay their hands on the money put on the table by the CARES Act in the form of PPP loans! Congratulations! By the way, those clients still wanting to get a piece of this cake, they do not need to worry, more funding is already approved, so

covid19 cares act Cares Act-Some implications for your business from an income tax perspective

Changes to Net Operating Loss (NOL) Rules for Corporations (CARES Act Sec 2303) Rule per TCJA prior to CARES Act: NOL carryback is disallowed and carryover is allowed indefinitely but its use is limited to 80% of taxable income for the year. Changes to this rule per CARES Act are as under: Losses from 2018,

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accounting Why Finance And Accounting Outsourcing Makes More Sense For Your Organization?

When managing the accounting functions of your clients, whether a small business, an enterprise or a professional, it is important to have all their finances and accounting organized in a proper manner. These are important functions that need to be addressed on a continual basis and are not meant to be done at the end

tax 8 Smart Tax Preparation Tips for Businesses

When it comes to tax preparation for your clients, things seem to be overwhelming because of the need to handle so many accounts. Apart from the lack of information about the latest regulations, finding time for tax preparation for all your clients can be a challenge while managing your day-to-day operations. You will require some

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accounting Future Trends in Accounting Outsourcing Industry

The accounting outsourcing industry is going through some exciting times. Accounting functions are essential for any business. Businesses cannot simply afford their accounting activities to go haywire. On one hand, some companies are resisting to opt for accounting outsourcing services, whereas many others are choosing to outsource their accounting chores to professional accounting outsourcing providers.

tax 5 Common Mistakes You Dont Want to Make this Tax Season

Tax season is a troublesome time for accountants. In fact, the tax season is full of activity and the busiest time of the year for accounting firms in the USA. Activities like tax filing should be completed so that tax returns can be submitted on time. During the tax season, CPAs need to collect tax

Latest Blogs The Most Common Errors in Accounts Payable and How to Avoid Them

Accounts payable (AP) is the amount a business owns to its creditors, generally for the purchase of services and goods. It is a liability for any company and it is imperative for businesses to pay their bills in a timely manner. Accounts payable is one of the factors that plays a role in the success

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