form 8854 for US expats
Government Announcement Importance of Form 8854- Initial and Annual Expatriation Statement for US Expats

The tax system of the United States is quite distinct from the rest of the world. There are many peculiar factors about the tax regulations of the country, which all citizens must know. Expat taxation or Expatriation tax laws stand as the most intricate part of the overall US tax system. The Expatriation tax in

tracking basis tax calculations
tax An overview of the relevance of Tracking Basis for the tax calculations of US taxpayers!

Taxation is a domain that is not just limited to a set of rules and regulations. There are many underlying concepts involved in the process of calculation of taxable income and tax liability. For the taxpayers in the US, numerous concepts make up the tax calculation structure. Tracking the basis for your entity is one

outsourced accounting company
outsourced accounting How to choose the right Outsourced Accounting Company for your business?

A revolution in the form of outsourcing services has altered the entire style in which business entities function. Outsourced Accounting and Finance services are among the most popular segments of outsourcing. Most Business entities have now turned devout preachers of the mantra of outsourcing services. Outsourcing has turned the tables for how firms are operating.

individual tax filing deadlines
Government Announcement Important Deadlines for US Individuals to file their Tax Details

In every country around the world, return filing is similar to an annual customary ritual for all taxpayers. Many of us need to comply with this ritual at the end of every tax year. As per the prescribed tax regulations, numerous taxpayers report their income and tax liabilities through tax returns. In the United States,

outsourced accounting Top 7 Things to consider before hiring Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Outsourced bookkeeping services are turning lives simpler for many business entities, in general. Predominantly, accounting firms and CPAs spread across the US, and the UK incline to hire bookkeepers through the medium of outsourced bookkeeping services. The popularity of outsourced bookkeeping services is attributable to the various advantages they bring for business entities. Long gone

Passive Activity Loss Rules
tax An Overview of the tax provisions covered under the Passive Activity Loss Rules

In the realm of real estate, there are many property owners, particularly rental property owners, who incur losses as per tax regulations. Many activities, such as renting out a property, are covered under the definition of a passive activity. The loss in passive activities is a recurring phenomenon due to the use of different operating

self employed working from home
WFH The Home Office Deduction for Self-Employed People Working from Home in the US

  Earlier, working from home was not a very common phenomenon for the bread earners of the family. However, over the years, the dimensions have changed. Since the last few years, many people are choosing to earn while staying inside their houses. There is a significant surge in the number of freelancers and self-employed persons

accounting outsourcing technology
accounting How Effective Use of Technology Plays a Vital Role in Accounting Outsourcing?

It would be quite befitting to call technology as one of the instituting pillars of outsourcing. The success of various types of outsourcing like accounting outsourcing is largely dependent on technological advancements. The innovations in the realm of computer and communication tech have resulted in the form of outsourcing we see today. Over the past

outsourced accounting services
accounting How will Outsourced Accounting and Finance Services help to Grow your Business Venture?

Outsourcing is seen as a sturdy pillar for new and emerging businesses to lay a strong foundation. After their inception, most business enterprises have minimal resources to invest while taking their baby steps. It is quite beneficial in the initial stages to find someone to watch your back. Outsourced Accounting Services can act as one

tax amnesty program
tax IRS Amnesty Program Streamlined Tax Filing Procedures for Expats from the USA

As per the estimates of the US State Department, more than 9.6 million US citizens are currently residing abroad. The United States is one of the few countries that impose a tax on its migrated citizens’ world income. The US expats must apprehend the fact that their liability towards the US Government does not end

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