payroll outsourcing services
payroll Ways to address Common Challenges faced While Using Payroll Outsourcing Services

Payroll outsourcing services is a buzzing service niche among many business entities across the world. As the doors of outsourcing opened up for companies with the IT boom, many business enterprises began to tap the potential of outsourcing. Availing services in-house or locally becomes a costly option over outsourcing to offshore entities. It is a

Payroll Tax Deferral
payroll Presidential Memorandum Payroll Tax Obligations Deferral First-Look

President Donald Trump signed four Executive Orders on August 8th, 2020. One of them pertains to the deferral of payroll tax obligations in light of the ongoing COVID-19 federally declared disaster. It is kind of a “federal payroll tax holiday” which the President wants to get included within any new COVID-19 pandemic relief legislation. For

restaurants covid-19 pandemic
tax Challenges faced by Restaurants in the US amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic and the relevant Tax Compliances to Consider

The food and Hospitality industry has undergone the most atrocious times during the strike of the COVID-19. Everyone considered these business sectors as one of the most booming areas worldwide. The United States is one of the countries in particular, where people are frequent visitors to restaurants and café throughout the week. Unfortunately, the Corona

Latest Blogs How to Report the Cryptocurrency transactions on your Tax Returns

Cryptocurrency is a unique form of the digital asset that has captured the popular imagination in the past decade. Bitcoin, a type of cryptocurrency, remains a buzzword across the globe from the time of its launch in 2009. Cryptocurrency is the innovation resulting from the modernized BlockChain Technology. Over the recent times, there has been

payroll services cost
payroll How much does Payroll Outsourcing Services Cost your Business?

You might have got the advice from various counterparts to opt for Outsourcing Services like Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing for your Entity. No wonder, the impressive advantages that come with Outsourcing Services make it an excellent option for almost all business entities. Payroll Outsourcing Service stands among the highly sought-after service segments in the Outsourcing

payroll tax returns
payroll Understanding the importance of Payroll Reconciliation and its relevance for Filing Form 940 and Form 941

Payroll Management acts as an important limb in the smooth running of any business enterprise. Payroll not just involves the administration of the recording and payments process related to employees in an enterprise. One also needs to ensure thorough reconciliation of the payroll expense accounts regularly for the relevant periods. Payroll Reconciliation is a must

payroll for small business
payroll What makes Payroll Outsourcing Services the Best for Small Businesses?

Any Business Organization cannot function without its valued Employees. There is a constant obligation of managing Employee needs along with their Payments. Enterprises especially, small businesses, struggle to handle the different Payment and Statutory requirements for even limited work staff. This load of tasks calls for Payroll Management. The Process involves the administration of the

Tax Obligations of US Individuals
Latest Blogs What are the Tax Obligations of U.S. Individuals Living and Working Abroad?

Are you among the many Americans working abroad for a living? One of the most hassling tasks for all U.S. Individuals working abroad in another country is to comply with the various tax obligations. Leave your Tax hassles in the hands of the Professional Tax Outsourcing Service Providers like Initor Global. We are here to

Outsourcing Secretarial Services
outsourced accounting Top 8 Benefits of Outsourcing Secreterial Services

Setting up and managing Corporate Entity results in loads of Compliance Requirements. Professional Assistance is an inevitable need for most Companies. That’s why the availability of Secretarial Service Concerns in the Outsourcing Niche will result in many laurels for any Company. A Company, depending on its business scale, has to engage a team of Secretarial

tax Avail Additional Tax Credit for 2020 with the Economic Impact Payment Notice 1444

The US Government has established many beneficial initiatives to uplift the American Citizens suffering as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Most schemes fall under the purview of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) enacted this year. One such essential program is that of the Economic Impact Payments. Under the program,

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