tax 8 Smart Tax Preparation Tips for Businesses

When it comes to tax preparation for your clients, things seem to be overwhelming because of the need to handle so many accounts. Apart from the lack of information about the latest regulations, finding time for tax preparation for all your clients can be a challenge while managing your day-to-day operations. You will require some

accounting outsourcing industry
accounting Future Trends in Accounting Outsourcing Industry

The accounting outsourcing industry is going through some exciting times. Accounting functions are essential for any business. Businesses cannot simply afford their accounting activities to go haywire. On one hand, some companies are resisting to opt for accounting outsourcing services, whereas many others are choosing to outsource their accounting chores to professional accounting outsourcing providers.

tax 5 Common Mistakes You Dont Want to Make this Tax Season

Tax season is a troublesome time for accountants. In fact, the tax season is full of activity and the busiest time of the year for accounting firms in the USA. Activities like tax filing should be completed so that tax returns can be submitted on time. During the tax season, CPAs need to collect tax

Latest Blogs The Most Common Errors in Accounts Payable and How to Avoid Them

Accounts payable (AP) is the amount a business owns to its creditors, generally for the purchase of services and goods. It is a liability for any company and it is imperative for businesses to pay their bills in a timely manner. Accounts payable is one of the factors that plays a role in the success

Latest Blogs Tips to Communicate with Offshore Team During Tax Season

Tax season is often the most challenging time of the year for CPA. It is the same story year by year. Temperaments flare high as the pressure of deadlines rises. Long working hours, hectic schedule and the stress level can take a toll on CPA For CPA, the peak tax season requires a great deal

Latest Blogs Tips for a CPA to Prioritize and Avoid Burnout During the Tax Season

Managing a CPA firm is not a cakewalk in any way. CPAs face numerous hurdles time and again. CPAs can be knocked for six especially during the tax season. They also need to be in tune with the new tax rules and need to cater to their customers promptly. On top of this, they need

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Latest Blogs Guide to Outsourcing Finance and Accounting Services and Checklist: Part 1

Finance and accounting are a core function for an organization. In small business, accounting refers to tasks encompassing maintaining a general ledger – your books — and preparing financial statements. Beyond the world of small business accounting, there are different facets of accounting. While reduced cost comes across as a primary motive for outsourcing accounting

Latest Blogs Checklist for Payroll Processing Services

For business owners and organizations with employers, payroll is a significant task. It is an equally time-consuming task requiring compliance with various laws and regulations. Payroll affects every area of a business from employees’ trust to the financial stability of the company. Whether the payroll process is done manually or through computer software, it is

Latest Blogs Initor Global Appoints Kevin Miller as Onshore Business Adviser in the UK

London, United Kingdom, August 29, 2019 Initor Global, a leading Finance & Accounting Outsourcing and RPO company, announced the appointment of Kevin Miller as Onshore Business Adviser in the UK. Kevin offers a distinguished career in the recruitment industry, predominantly in the healthcare sector spanning across 20 years. He has successfully set up and revitalized

Latest Blogs How Can CPA Prepare for Tax Season?

The tax season is the busiest time for accounting professionals and CPAs in the US. A lot of filing has to be done to ensure tax preparation is smooth and submit their tax returns. It requires gathering and organizing the information and supporting documents. While preparing to file taxes is a year-round job, it typically

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