covid19 economic relief bill
Government Announcement An Outline of the COVID-19 Economic Relief Bill in the USA

On December 23, 2020, a huge $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill was signed by the White House to help people adversely affected by the pandemic. Many American citizens, including unemployed people and small businesses, will get direct financial aid from this bill. It is combined with $1.4 trillion government funding packages that will be used

PPP loan funds
Government Announcement Expenses Using PPP Loan Funds To Deduct, Or Not To Deduct, That Is The Question

Yes, the title of this article might sound similar to the most widely known phrase from William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet. And it is rightly so, because this is one of the most discussed question since quite some time. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has taken a viewpoint which denies deduction of expenses related to the

outsourced accounting services
Government Announcement Necessary Tax Compliances for Accidental Americans

Emigration from the United States is quite a complex process. The emigrants or the emigrants’ children can be subject to US tax liabilities even if they have never set foot in the US. As we know, the United States stands amidst the very few countries in the world that use “citizenship-based taxation” rather than a

form 8854 for US expats
Government Announcement Importance of Form 8854- Initial and Annual Expatriation Statement for US Expats

The tax system of the United States is quite distinct from the rest of the world. There are many peculiar factors about the tax regulations of the country, which all citizens must know. Expat taxation or Expatriation tax laws stand as the most intricate part of the overall US tax system. The Expatriation tax in

individual tax filing deadlines
Government Announcement Important Deadlines for US Individuals to file their Tax Details

In every country around the world, return filing is similar to an annual customary ritual for all taxpayers. Many of us need to comply with this ritual at the end of every tax year. As per the prescribed tax regulations, numerous taxpayers report their income and tax liabilities through tax returns. In the United States,

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