accounting outsourcing industry

The accounting outsourcing industry is going through some exciting times. Accounting functions are essential for any business. Businesses cannot simply afford their accounting activities to go haywire. On one hand, some companies are resisting to opt for accounting outsourcing services, whereas many others are choosing to outsource their accounting chores to professional accounting outsourcing providers. Accounting outsourcing services definitely ease the burden of the team members of a company.

As more and more companies are open to the idea of going for outsourcing, the demand for accounting outsourcing service providers has increased. Accounting outsourcing is not just a fad, but is seen as a necessity for many companies. The accounting outsourcing industry has seen many changes and with new transformations, there will be new developments. The following are some of the future trends in the accounting outsourcing industry:

  1. Inadequacy of competent accountants will propel outsourcing

The demand for skilled accountants is high. There are numerous openings for accountants. Due to this increased demand, there is a huge surge in salaries. Organizations have to pay high salaries to retain accountants. Companies that are unable to afford this surge in salaries face shortage of accounting staff. Therefore, the only option left for such companies is to choose accounting outsourcing services. Even organizations that are able to pay high salary hikes are opting for accounting outsourcing.

In addition, there is a shortage of experienced accountants. Organizations that are unable to find skilled accountants are choosing the services of outsourcing providers. Hence, the accounting outsourcing industry will see a good demand for their services in the future.

  1. Venture into Technology

Technology is an integral part of our lives in this day and age. Technology has entered into all parts of business operations including accounting. Most of the accounting businesses today have done away with paper-based practices and have advanced to paperless procedures.

Accounting services will profit hugely from the following areas of technology: Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics and Automation. These three spheres of technology will help the accounting industry to enhance productivity and cut down the cost and time related to accounting tasks.

Automation is gradually eradicating manual data entry. It saves a significant amount of time. Major firms are using AI or Artificial Intelligence in different ways, varying from complete automation of simple jobs to AI amplification of chores in order to achieve enhanced staff productivity.

There is no doubt that in the future, accounting technology will see an enormous expansion.

  1. Prominence on Data Security

Accounting outsourcing has to contend with sensitive and personal data. In the present times, there are regular threats like hacking. This is why there will be more emphasis on enhancing security so that information is safe.

Security has always been crucial for organizations across the globe. In fact, it is more critical for the accounting industry since it involves handling of confidential information of clients. In the future, there will be more focus on bettering security systems to making them more robust to avoid security breaches. With more prominence given to improving security systems, vital data will be safe and it will improve client trust.

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been getting prevalence over the past few years. It will certainly continue to become even more popular in the years to come. Cloud based solutions have taken over many spheres of technology and have become an integral part of many industries including the accounting industry.

In the forthcoming years, cloud software will be utilized by most of the companies. Cloud based software permits businesses to do their accounting related tasks online and access their information online. With cloud-based applications, organizations can have access to their data whenever they want.

Many accounting companies are using cloud software to handle their bookkeeping tasks. A number of accounting firms have implemented cloud-based accounting systems. This trend will continue in the future since cloud technology offers a number of benefits. It offers easy accessibility to data, is user-friendly and easy on the pocket.

  1. Social Media

Social media has seen an unprecedented growth over the years and it is being used everywhere. Different types of businesses and industries are adopting to social media for various purposes. It is used to ascertain an online existence to get in touch with more people. Social media usage has also become a trend in the accounting industry. An increasing number of accounting firms are becoming active on various social media platforms to increase their clientele and prominence.

The future trend is that the accounting outsourcing industry will make use of social media for advertising and reaching out to their clients. Social media will be used to increase publicity and this way accounting companies will gain prospective employees and clients. Prospective clients will be able to gain information about the accounting outsourcing firms, which will help them to select accounting services in a better way.

  1. Value Additions

The accounting outsourcing industry has become competitive. So, accounting outsourcing providers have to pull up their socks to cater to the developing requirements of the industry. Accounting outsourcing services do not just included basic accounting or bookkeeping these days. Accounting services now extend to all domains – just like the role of an in-house team of accountants.

In the future, accounting outsourcing services will see a transformation in the way services are offered to clients. The outsourcing industry will have to provide substantial forward-looking and value added services, which have quantifiable results.

The accounting outsourcing industry has seen a considerable growth for the past few years. In the future, it is expected to grow further. Client expectations from outsourcing providers are evolving. Companies are expecting their outsourcing partners to provide value additions like offering versatile services, which will give positive results for their business.


In the present time, a lot of companies are partnering with outsourcing providers for accounting services. In the times to come, many more companies will outsource their accounting jobs to outsourcing providers. The above are some of the future trends in the accounting outsourcing industry.

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