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The finance & accounting outsourcing market is developing and maturing while simultaneously becoming more specialised, strategic and automated. F&A outsourcing for UK firms has witnessed a complete transformation in the past 10 years. Now the focus is shifting from accounts payable, accounts receivable, billing to strategic processes such as management accounting & financial analysis. Recently, F&A outsourcing service providers helped UK accounting firms to comply with HMRC’s initiative of Making Tax Digital (MTD).

Outsourcing and offshoring started off as cost-cutting measure, but Accounting firms that create real value use them for far more strategic ends—to gain capabilities that they don’t have in-house, or to augment existing capabilities.

F&A outsourcing for accounting firms is now seen about using digital technology to complement and support the back office, streamlining processes while improving reporting and analytics capabilities. It also allows chartered accountants and key decision makers to concentrate on strategy, analysis and growing the business.

Accounting firms can also help clients benefit from working with responsive FAO team members who are experienced accounting professionals with extensive domain knowledge.

Understanding Client & Business Needs

A dedicated F&A outsourcing service provider will help you to understand what’s important for you and your client’s business, how you work and the tools you use. This will help implement a process that works for you.

F&A outsourcing agency can dive into your numbers to gauge the correlation of financial and operational data. This will help businesses unlock the secrets of what’s going on within your business and unleash new opportunities.

Meeting Deadlines & Staying Ahead of Changes

Recent changes in compliance in the UK such as GDPR & MTD has necessitated a series of changes, implementing new systems and processes to ensure compliance. Accounting firms are often faced with challenging deadlines which can lead to stressful times at work.

Although compliance changes are often daunting, they also present an opportunity to grow and evolve. Ultimately, it is about seizing an opportunity to improve processes and use compliance changes to gain strategic advantage.

These necessary but manual tasks are expensive and time-consuming to maintain occupies resources. Not anymore. In such cases, an Financial Accounting outsourcing company can efficiently manage both time and resources so accountants can get back to what’s important. Your outsourcing partner can offer a team of specialist bookkeepers, payroll professionals, tax advisors as well as latest cloud technology solutions to meet even the most demanding business needs. In such cases, you can prepare and file your statutory accounts for approval according to the latest UK requirements, ensuring you never miss a deadline.

Giving Peace of Mind of Business Owners

The focus of accountants is growing business and not just accounting. So, F&A outsourcing will help with commonly outsourced services within accounting such as payroll accounting, accounts payable, and accounts receivable.

Your F&A partner can handle corporate tax returns, personal tax, monthly VAT returns and help you work out what tax relief you’re entitled to. But it is not just about filing tax returns. It is about easing out the increasingly complex process of managing tax codes and planning so that accounting firms can focus on higher-level, more strategic tasks of client management.

Full Suite of F&A Offerings

In many cases, clients and businesses have a spectrum of disparate internal systems that don’t align within the department itself or across the company as a whole. FAO presents a platform that can scale can grow as the company matures and continuously improves.

As the nature of work evolves and the push towards the cloud continues, accounting firms can offer the full suite of offerings to clients. Outsourcing can enable broad structural change and support business objectives. It helps clients get a unique tailored digital dashboard that gives all the insight you need to know.

Scaling Up of Resources

Outsourcing empowers accounting firms and businesses to scale resources up and down based on business requirements. Additionally, it considerably minimizes the burden of hiring, training and maintaining accounting staff. With F&A outsourcing, Accounting firms can offer the advantage of advanced technology platforms to their clients, as well as real-time visibility into their businesses. Companies save considerable time by not performing analysis between multiple spreadsheets, but getting accurate results with automated back-office transactional processes and reporting.

Leverage Emerging Technologies

If you haven’t already made the move to cloud, your outsource service provider help you with the move. Real-time and available on the go, cloud accounting software updates client’s system instantaneously so there’s no need to return to check on your banking or accounting.

Investments in cloud options, adoption of technologies like mobility and robotics, and the ability to develop an end-to-end finance and accounting (F&A) platform will help accounting firms stand out. By utilizing technology, F&A Outsourcing enables firms to close the books much faster and generate more effective results with compliance and data analytics. The digital platform brings value by providing information seamlessly, allowing accounting firms to help client make agile decisions rather than performing manual work.


More and more, accounting firms are looking for end-to-end F&A capabilities from outsourcers. They are looking to move from relatively basic transactional processes, to focus more on strategic functions. Continuous improvement in accounting and finance operations will help clients to focus on their core competencies.


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