We Are

We Are

We at Initor Global Services are specialists in the area of industry-specific accounting and payroll services. Our demonstrated capabilities in organizing and transforming business processes and operations, our domain expertise and our impeccable services have seen us fast emerge as industry leaders in the financial processes outsourcing space.

From its operational and delivery centre in Ahmedabad, India, Initor collaborates with a growing group of global clientele spread across the United Kingdom, USA, Australia and the Middle East countries.

We leverage upon a vast talent pool of expert accounting professionals and top-notch finance experts to offer a comprehensive range of financial and accounting services that include general ledger accounting, payroll, financial analysis, bank reconciliations and preparations of financial statements. Our innovative approach, backed by our technological competence is designed at modernizing the finance and accounting processes of our clients to ensure effective operations with requisite compliance and controls. Deploying the most sophisticated software, hardware and dedicated servers, we provide your financial data with a high measure of data security and confidentiality.

Initor’s robust and custom services, tailor-made to suit the specific needs of clients, are geared at providing cost effective and structured solutions for book keeping, management, accounts and tax returns , all while letting clients focus on their core competencies and business revenues.

Our persistent focus on engaging and nurturing clients ensures that a great part of our business revenues come from repeat clients. At Initor we believe that our partnerships with our clients are not just about synergy and bonding between the heads of our respective companies. They are more about integrating our organization with your organization. This means involving people and being involved with people down the line in both our organizations. That is the key to successful business alliances.

In our march towards excellence, the key differentiator remains our high integrity levels and multi-cultural mindset.


To continue to thrive in business over the next decade and beyond and to offer increased value to our partners, we understand that we must look ahead into the future, understand market dynamics, customer needs and trends and gear up for tomorrow. Our Vision and Mission statements provide us with a winning roadmap for the years to come.

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