Leading Payroll Outsourcing Services Provider

Initor Global offers end-to-end payroll services for CPA and accounting firms in the US. We provide the capability to handle complex payroll ecosystems. With experience spanning across different industries and geographies, we bring flexibility, transparency, and insight throughout the entire payroll process. We deliver the best payroll solutions that address the complete gamut of enterprise-payroll needs.

As a leading Payroll Outsourcing Services Provider, we manage the complete payroll processing for clients based in the US and Canada. Our team of payroll experts focuses on handling regulatory changes in this highly dynamic environment to ensure compliance, eliminating potential risks and exposures.

Initor has successfully delivered highly accurate payroll solutions navigating the challenges of compliance requirements. When you partner with Initor Global, you reap the benefits of a full-service payroll company. We make the payroll process easy and effortless for you so that you can focus on growing your firm and involve in strategic decision making.

Initor Global Payroll Outsourcing Services

As a forward-thinking payroll service provider, we provide services that are accurate, timely and compliant to meet the needs of clients with global businesses.  Our services range from payroll processing, payroll accounting, to operational support.

Payroll Processing

Calculate payroll and tax obligations for each employee, and providing management reports. Paycheck and payroll sheet creation on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-monthly or yearly payroll basis.

Executive Payroll Services

Dedicated payroll team to provide full payroll for all your employees and “executive payroll" services that require discretion in relation to the salaries of top executives and management.

Payroll Advisory

Our team has professionals specializing in statutory tax compliance and advisory services to assist your organization in meeting tax compliance requirements effectively and efficiently.

Payroll Accounting

Properly ensure the filing of federal, state, and local tax returns, while also processing payment for all payroll tax liabilities.

Payroll Data Maintenance

Payroll data maintenance tasks which include additions, changes, or deletions in payroll-related data over time due to changes in laws, monthly accruals for statutory bonuses, compensation to be paid to employees in case of resignation

Payroll Tax Reporting

Handle federal, state, and local tax calculations, payments and filings. Verify tax due dates, handle payment, and even provide with status reports. Prepare and distribute W-2s for all employees.

Why Choose Initor Global for Payroll Outsourcing Services

You can be assured that our goal is to be more than being a vendor. We aim to be your partner in growth, proactively helping you meet rapidly changing business realities and legislation. Many companies find it difficult to entrust sensitive business processes to an outside organization. But as a trusted payroll service provider, we work to develop relationships, at both the operational and service levels, so you can turn to us at any time with whatever issue you face.

Increased legislative compliance

Initor Global managing end-to-end payroll services, handling tax and statutory compliances, labor compliance to protect the company’s reputation.

Standardization of processes

As a reliable payroll provider, Initor global can offer consistent, scalable, and streamlined payroll processing and operational support.

Cost optimization

Driving cost improvement continuously and at the same time consolidating payroll processes.

Increased payroll accuracy

We provide more than 99% accuracy in payroll processing by ensuring compliance with a wide range of legislation.

Increased Control

Gain complete control of payroll process with an emphasis on increasing the effectiveness of payroll processes.

Access to Payroll Experts

Quickly scale your team with Initor’s highly qualified accountants who focus exclusively on the payroll.

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