Tax Outsourcing Services

Initor Global offers outsourced tax services to CPAs and accounting firms across the US and Canada. Our team’s comprehensive tax experience strengthens your in-house team and minimizes hiring extra staff during the busy time of tax season.

It’s is indeed challenging to build and maintain a tax workforce that fulfills your needs in diverse areas such as Partnership Tax Return, Small Corporation Tax return, Corporation Tax Return, Payroll Tax Return. That’s why, it might be best for CPAs and accounting firms — and for tax professionals — to outsource tax functions to Initor Global.

Whatever your tax function’s is right now, your success will depend on your people. Our team consists of tax professionals who are talented and proficient in the latest tax regulations and tax technology.With a data-centric and client-focused approach, we eliminate redundancies and manual processes for increased efficiency.

Our Services

Today, CPAs and accounting firms need to devote their resources and time to their core business activities. We are your best choice when it comes to taxation preparation, returns preparation, advisory, solving complex business problems, with the integration and standardization of operations, increasing efficiency and cost reduction. With highly qualified professionals, we help CPA and firms formulate effective strategies to implement innovative tax planning strategies and effectively manage compliance-related requirements.

Our tax outsourcing services give you the visibility and control you want. Whether it is for one country or for multiple countries, you will experience consistent, flexible, and quality service with tax compliance.

Tax Prep & Filing

  1. Non-profits – Form 990
  2. Partnerships – Form 1065
  3. Estates and trusts- Form 1041
  4. Corporations – Form 1120 / 1120s
  5. Expat Tax Filing along with Form 2555
  6. Individuals – Form 1040, Form 1040A, Form 1040EZ, Form 1040NR

Sales Tax

  1. Seven Step Tax Calculation process
  2. Monthly/Quarterly Calculation
  3. Tax Filings
  4. Registration based on practical standpoints
  5. State Representations for Penalty Relief

Tax Returns Preparation Services

  1. Tax Validation
  2. Liability Calculation
  3. Returns Preparation
  4. Form and Certificate Management

Why Choose Initor for Tax Outsourcing Services

Cost Reduction

CPA firms can reduce costs by up to 50%-60%.

Technology Enablement

Enhance efficiency of your tax function using technology-enabled solutions.

Process Standardization

Practical solutions to clients based on standard processes.

Access to Human Talent

Get access to pool of talented tax and accounting professionals with knowledge of legislation changes.

Confidentiality of Information

Industry-best practices to ensure security and confidentiality of information.

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