The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
means that there is one set of data protection rules for all companies operating in the EU wherever they are based. This requires businesses to deploy high standards of data privacy and data protection rules for their clients.

We meet all the standards of the GDPR and we are amongst the first few companies to be a certified GDPR compliant company. We also have standard operating procedures for providing our services and handling client data.

We are associated with Prohal, Chartered Certified Accountants for all our GDPR Compliances. The co-founder of Prohal, Ms. Prodipta Patel is acting as our “Associate Consultant – GDPR Compliances”.

In compliance with the GDPR we have incorporated stringent policies for data privacy and protection as mentioned below:

Anti-Bribery and Anti Corruption Policy

  1. This policy has been established at Initor Business Solutions Limited (IBS) to reinforce our zero tolerance towards bribery and corruption. This stringent policy clearly states the responsibilities of IBS and its employees with respect to bribery and corruption.
  2. It also acts as a source of guidance for those working for IBS to help them recognize and deal with bribery and corruption issues.

IT Policy and Infrastructure Policy

  1. This policy has been incorporated to implement strict rules and regulations for physical security and IT security.
  2. The physical security involves maintaining high level security of our infrastructure at IBS. This includes installation of closed circuit cameras, controlled access to different machines, secure document storage and more.
  3. To ensure complete IT security our machines are equipped with the latest anti-virus software, anti-malware software, host-based firewall software, backup plans, account management and more.

Data Breach Policy

  1. IBS is obliged under the Data Protection Act to have in place an institutional framework designed to ensure the security of all personal data during its lifecycle, including clear lines of responsibility.
  2. This Policy states the standard procedures to be followed in case we encounter any data breach and information security lapse incidents at IBS.

Data Protection Policy

  1. IBS is committed to process data in accordance with its responsibilities under the GDPR.

Privacy Policy

  1. This privacy notice has been set out to clearly state what to expect when IBS collects personal information. We may need to procure personal data about you to provide the services we have agreed for which also include updating and enhancing customer records, analysis for management purposes and statutory returns.
  2. We may also need to obtain personal data for crime prevention and legal & regulatory compliance.
  3. The personal data collected will be used, processed and disclosed as per requirement of the services.

Data Retention Archiving and Destruction Policy

  1. IBS is bound by various obligations with regard to the data that we retain from our customers. These obligations may arise from local laws and regulations or client contracts. It may also arise from the promises made to our employees, customers, goods and service providers and our partners.
  2. The Data Retention Archiving and Destruction policy has been incorporated to appropriately justify these obligations. We have standard protocols to be followed with respect to the duration for which we can retain data in our control and its destruction.

IT Continuity, Backup and Recovery Policy

  1. The objective of this policy is to define formal requirements for IT continuity, backup and recovery.
  2. This is necessary in order to prevent or mitigate the risk of IT system disruption or disaster. It also allows for an efficient recovery of IT services and data in a timely manner in case of any disruption or disaster.
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